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The in-house, Encore Bistro at the Eccles Theater, run by Cuisine Unlimited, will offer pre-performance fare as well as daily breakfast and lunch service. Encore Bistro is open Monday-Friday for breakfast and lunch, from 7am - 3pm. Special dinner menus will be available for select evening performances, customized to match the running show. CLICK HERE to view the menu.

Grab a quick bite or indulge in a four-course meal at any of the restaurants downtown, many within walking distance of the Eccles Theater!

Find your favorite restaurant HERE




Beer, soda, water & snacks can be purchased at multiple locations throughout the building. Beer obtained from these locations will always be in a plastic cup with a lid. These beverages are allowed into the Delta Performance Hall and throughout the public areas of the theater, except for the lounges and Bistro areas. Featured beers currently include Park City Hooker Blonde, Moab Johnny’s IPA, Corona, Miller Light, Mike’s Hard Strawberry & Mike’s Hard Black Cherry (subject to change). 

Keep your cup! They're reusable and can be brought back for a discount on select refills, but make sure it's empty before leaving the theater, as no alcoholic beverages at any time may be taken outside of the building. 

When you visit concessions, have your ID ready with your ticket and we'll give you a stamp.


Encore Bistro

Beer, wine & liquor can be purchased and consumed in the Encore Bistro. Alcoholic beverages cannot leave the bistro, so if you would like a beer to take into the theater with you, make sure to grab one from concessions on any floor on your way into the Delta Performance Hall.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Eccles Bistro.


Bars and Nightlife

Enjoy a pre- or post-performance cocktail at any of the downtown bars within blocks of the Eccles Theater. Check out some of your options.